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Outing Saturday 12th October 2024 Beverley Details
Outing Saturday 10th May 2025 Ipswich
Outing Saturday 18th October 2025 Chester

Recent Events
Outing & AGM Saturday 22nd June 2024 London Details
Outing Saturday 2nd March 2024 Cheadle Details
Outing Saturday 14th October 2023 Hastings area Details
Outing & AGM Saturday 17th June 2023 Nottingham area Details
Outing Saturday 25th March 2023 Kent area Details
Guild 40th Anniversary Sunday 5th February 2023
Outing Saturday 8th October 2022 High Wycombe area Details
Outing Saturday 11th June 2022 Coventry area Details
Outing Saturday 2nd April 2022 London Details
Outing Saturday 14th March 2020 St Albans Details
Outing Saturday 28th September 2019 Durham Details
AGM & Outing Saturday 15th June 2019 Evesham Details
Outing Saturday 30th March 2019 Winchester Details
Outing Saturday 19th October 2018 Nottingham City Centre Details
AGM & Outing Saturday 2nd June 2018 Buckfast Abbey area Details
Outing Saturday 10th March 2018 Kent Details
Outing 21st October 2017 Birmingham Details
AGM & Outing 3rd June 2017 Cornwall Details
Outing 18th March 2017 Walsingham Details
Outing 22nd October 2016 Poole area Details
AGM & Outing 4th June 2016 Kirkby Lonsdale Details
Outing 19th March 2016 NE Essex Details
Outing 10th October 2015 Herefordshire Details
AGM & Outing 28th - 31st May 2015 Isle of Wight Details
Outing 14th March 2015 Leicestershire Details
Outing 15th November 2014 London Details
AGM & Outing 14th June 2014 Cambridge Details
Outing 5th April 2014 Warwickshire Details
Outing 16th November 2013 Portsmouth Details
AGM & Outing 15th June 2013 Harrogate Details
Outing 2nd March 2013 Surrey Details
Outing 27th October 2012 Bristol Details
AGM & Outing 16th June 2012 Essex Details
Outing 24th March 2012 York Details
Outing 19th - 20th November 2011 Edinburgh Details
AGM & Outing 18th June 2011 Birmingham Details
Outing 2nd April 2011 Suffolk Details
Outing 30th October 2010 South London Details
AGM &Outing 19th June 2010 Sheffield Details
Outing 17th April 2010 Stroud Details
Outing 20th-22nd November 2009 Kent & Sussex Details
Outing & AGM 20th June 2009 Cambridge Details
Outing 28th March 2009 Lake District Details
Outing 22nd November 2008 Oxfordshire Details
Outing & AGM 21st June 2008 Brownedge Details
Outing 5th April 2008 Cardiff Details
Outing 3rd November 2007 Northamptonshire Details
Outing & AGM 16th June 2007 Much Hadham Details
Outing 14th April 2007 Bolton Details
Outing 18th November 2006 Bournemouth Details
Outing & AGM 17th June 2006 Norwich Details
TomTom POI
Outing 25th March 2006 Consett Details
Outing 19th November 2005 Leamington Details
Weekend Outing 16th - 18th September 2005 Aberdeen Details
Outing & AGM 18th June 2005 Liverpool Details
Outing 30th April 2005 Buckfast & Plymouth Details
Outing 20th November 2004 Oxfordshire Details
Lunch Menu 1
Lunch Menu 2
Outing & AGM 19th June 2004 Cirencester & Cheltenham Details
Outing 27th March 2004 Bolton Details
Outing 15th November 2003 Grantham Details
Outing 20th - 22nd September 2003 Isle of Man
Outing & AGM 21st June 2003 London Details
Outing 5th April 2003 Cheadle Details
Quarter peals 5th February 2003 Various nationally Details
Outing 16th November 2002 Bristol / Somerset Details
Outing & AGM 15th June 2002 Malton Details
Outing 13th April 2002 Sandhurst Details
Photos 1
Photos 2
Outing 17th November 2001 Liverpool Details
Outing & AGM 16th June 2001 Bamber Bridge, Lancashire Details
Outing 18th November 2000 Cambridge Details
Outing 15-17th September 2000 Dublin Photos
AGM 17th June 2000 Bournemouth
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