Aberdeen Outing
Saturday 17th September 2005
Aberdeen, St Machars 8, 14-0-6 4 - 5pm NJ939087
Aberdeen, S Mary of the Assumption 8, 12-0-6 6 - 6.55pm NJ936060

Evening meal at Howies - click here for menu.
A private room has been booked by Nigel.
Details of the restaurant - http://www.howies.uk.com

Sunday 18th September 2005
Aberdeen, S Mary of the Assumption 8, 12-0-6 10.25 - 11.05 am NJ936060
Aberdeen, St Machars 8, 14-0-6 10.15 - 11.00 am NJ939087

All towers confirmed.

Accommodation is being arranged by Nigel Goodship, who has provided the following details:

Express by Holiday Inn. Details: http://tinyurl.com/ak3sr

All rooms are £55 per night including continental buffet breakfast.

You can either tell me your requirements before the end of June and I will pass on a block booking, or you can contact the hotel directly to book your room. If the latter, you should mention that you are booking as part of the group reserved in the name of "Goodship" so that you get a quiet room (hopefully) and extra rooms aren't held unnecessarily.

Because the hotel doesn't do evening meals, I have also contacted Howies restaurant, which is across the street from the hotel. Their prices are very reasonable and they have two private dining rooms, one of which I have booked for the Saturday night. Nigel Goodship is arranging accommodation and has block-booked some rooms at the Express by Holiday Inn. This is very close to the centre of Aberdeen.

For further information, please email Nigel Goodship

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