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Formed on St Agatha's day, 5 February 1983, the Guild exists, broadly speaking, to further the interests of Roman Catholic bellringers and churches with bells. Far from being narrowly sectarian in outlook, however, the Guild welcomes new members regardless of denomination if they are in sympathy with its aims and objectives, and whilst the territory officially covered is that of England and Wales, membership is actually worldwide.

Members are active not just in ringing Catholic bells but also in maintaining installations and raising funds for their restoration, with a Bell Fund which, after some recent four figure grants, currently stands at around £5,000. Advice and assistance is also freely offered to parish priests and others who have the care of bells.

Above all, belonging to the Guild is fun. With three events organised every year, ringers from north and south come together regularly to share ringing at all levels and to enjoy a sociable and relaxed time in each others' company.

The Guild of Saint Agatha is a registered charity, number 294463.

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