Kent Outing
Saturday 25th March 2023

Brenchley, All Saints 10.00 – 10.45 8, 17–3–24 (913 kg) in E TN12 7NH TQ679417 ///think.peach.dugouts WC
Horsmonden, S Margaret 11.00 – 11.45 8, 17–2–10 (894 kg) in E♭ TN12 8EJ TQ703381 ///loves.prospered.decoding No WC
Goudhurst, S Mary V 12.00 – 12.45 8, 23½ cwt (~1190 kg) in D TN17 1AJ TQ723378 ///grandson.rotations.airless WC

Lunch - THE BULL, BENENDEN, TN17 4DL. ///meant.nylon.lure Pub Menu

Benenden, S George 2.45 – 3.45 12, 18–0–24 (925 kg) in E TN17 4DL TQ808326 ///call.pushing.octagonal WC
Hawkhurst, S Laurence 4.15 – 5.00 8, 23–0–19 (1177 kg) in E♭ TN18 4NT TQ755294 ///replying.spring.crazy No WC
Lamberhurst, S Mary 5.30 – 6.00 6, 13–0–17 (668 kg) in F TN3 8DU TQ681365 ///greet.barbarian.gurgled WC

All towers are confirmed.

I have been asked to forward menu choices to The Bull at Benenden as soon as possible but by Tuesday 21 March at the latest as I received the following request from the landlady.

"The chef has asked for a pre order in advance of your lunch please. I will update the menu on our website for the 13th March. That should give your guests plenty of time to pre order their lunch choice and ensure we have everything they would like. This will enable separate tabs to be set up".

Please email me at oakover2003 at with your lunch requirements (just change the ' at ' to an @ in the email address before sending).

Parking is plentiful and in close proximity to the churches in all the villages except Goudhurst where it is less obvious. Parking is available behind the parish church and can be found by taking Back Lane i.e. turn right at the village pond (sadly the water feature hasn't been working recently) and then take a left.

If the village pond turning in the centre of the village is missed then continue up the hill and through the village (which has two right angle bends in quick succession and is a bit of a bottleneck) and then take the first right after passing the church on the right (you can't miss it) and find somewhere to park around there. (If I recall correctly this approach connects up with the approach via Back Lane.)

(Several parts of the graveyard church wall have been damaged by lorries, despite warning signs indicating that the village is not suitable for large vehicles.)

For anyone not ringing etc there is a coffee shop across the road called Weeks.

Angela Wilkins

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