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Death of Patrick Matthews

Harry Jacob photos here

James Charles photos here

Daniel James photos here

GoSA Clothing Order Form. Details here

New ring of 8 at Birmingham, Alabama, USA here

St Mary's Lowe House carillon

Proud parents here

Natalie here

List of all past events

List of all past officers

Methods :

Line for Guild of St Agatha Surprise Minor here

St Agatha treble place doubles is lead end 12
Patrick Matthews and his band rang and named it in 1984

Aggie's treble place minor is x34x14x12x16x1256x56 le 12
This was first rung and named in the early 1990's by a band from Surrey which included Richard Wallis. They called it St Agatha, but were informed by the Central council that that wasn't allowed, because of the doubles method.

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